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With the rapid transition from summer to a chill autumn, my hair was feeling kind of dizzy, as its owner. In this period I have always encounter hair loss, but in the last years it was more proeminent. The help of Buzzstore and Yves Rocher was more than welcomed. 

This line includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a treatment that have lots of natural ingredients and extracts from plant cultivated in France. The main ingredient is enriched with white lupine extract to make your hair stronger and delay the hair loss. Agave extract doubles the microcirculation of the scalp to allow your hair to grow healthier and more beautiful.   

The stimulating shampoo helps with improving the hair resistance by providing a healthy scalp. The formula is sulfate-free and silicone-free so that it slows down hair loss. It has a subtle fragrance and it gives that feeling of having clean hair at the end of using it. 

The fortifying conditioner against hair loss detangles the hair with ease. The hair is left smooth and easy to set. The most important is that it repairs the hair and prevents future damage. 

The intensive anti-hair loss treatment has 3 ways of action:

    ⇒ increases hair growth;

    ⇒ multiples the number of hair growing;

    ⇒ slows down the mechanism of losing hair.

More than that, the bottles of the products are made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, with care for the environment.

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon but it can be slowed down. So why not try to maintain and improve our hair? The panic of losing hair is not worthy, especially when with the use of such product you can prevent all that.

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