Far Away Splendoria Perfume by Avon


Sophisticated and luxurious are the words to describe the new Far Away Splendoria Perfume by Avon. I was very excited to test this new perfume because the Oriental vibes are very attractive. The strong and intense notes of white oud and creamy vanilla together with the notes of black plum and orange compose a beautiful, oriental bouquet of gardenias.

What made me curious about it, is the study they performed. Without seeing the perfume, 9/10 perfume lovers chose AVON Far Away Splendoria instead of a luxury perfume worth over 1200 lei. The blind test consumer study was taken with 211 participants and was conducted in April 2022 in the UK.

Let's leave aside science and discover the magic of oriental perfumery. The perfume has a lush and floral aroma infused with woody but also floral undertones:

  • Top notes: Sweet orange oil, black plums, dates. 
  • Middle notes: accord of white Oud, floral bouquet of Middle Eastern gardenias, Davana LMR oil.
  • Base notes: vanilla, golden amber, tonka bean LMR.

The Oud is made of unique ingredients brought together to create a unique aroma, exclusive to Avon. It is created by famous perfumers, such as: Nelly Hachem-Ruiz, Nicolas Beaulieu and Julien Rasquinet.

How to use it:

Apply it on pulse points. After showering, spray a layer on neck and wrists. If you want to dress in the Spledoria aroma, try also applying it to the area behind the ears, décolleté or forearm.

The intense and traditional perfume seemed to me fresh, feminine and sensual. It was a delight coming from far away that enchanted my smell, but also a great encounter with Middle Eastern perfumery.

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