Colour Catcher - the trick to catching colors


As I was trying to be efficient with washing my clothes in terms of saving water and detergent, I searched up all kinds of tips and tricks. Washing different colored clothes together reduces time, the energy bill, detergent; it all sounds spectacular, if not for the biggest problem: color transfer. 


The products that helped with this problem are the Color Catcher wipes. Besides the color transfer issue, the wipes are a solution for various things such as:
  • They prevent the transfer of colors between clothes;
  • They allow washing clothes of different colors;
  • Protects the brilliance of colors;
  • They prevent the appearance of shades of gray.
They are so easy to use, you just add one wipe in the washing machine before starting it. At first, I was not confident enough it would help, but the evidence on the wipe is clear, it changes colors, from white to purple in my case, or whatever color it is catching. 

They do not lie when they say the proof is in the product, as the wipe captures the colors and dirt, it changes color. It is a relief that you do not have to worry about color transfer and staining your favorite clothes.

It is an awesome trick to take care of your clothes and save time and money. As simple as it is, we have to think of ways to reduce resources that we do not really need. For me, it was the time that I was most glad in saving, putting clothes together can really reduce the time and effort you put in washing clothes.

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