Celebrating 3 years in my house - top benefits of having your own place


If it wasn't for the insurance, I wouldn't have remembered that a new year has passed since I purchased my house. We will simply ignore the six months I spend making paper after paper, constant phone calls with the bank and owners who were running out of patience. The "Prima Casă" program was supposed to be more accessible, as you only had to have 5% of the purchase, but no one mentioned the money you pay for the energy certificates, notary fees and collateral deposit.

After the traumatic experience of buying the house, it was time to make it my home. A house needs constant repairs and maintenance, and more so when it wasn't in a good shape to begin with. There were a lot of things to be done, but I learnt to be patient and take care of my budget.

Things have been hard, but the feeling of having your own place doesn't compare with anything. From what I have experienced after the first three years of being an owner, these are the top benefits of having your own place:

  • You become more aware of your money, your expenses. There are a lot of things to invest in, just as furniture, electronic equipment, decorations and those are things you don't buy everyday so it's normal you put effort to buy something of a higher quality or something you have been wanting your whole life.
  • You become more responsible. Each month you have bills to pay, situations to solve and though it can give you a headache, you gain experience and soon you'll know all the deadlines and tricks to manage your house.
  • Endless possibilities to make it how you want it. Probably one of the reasons my renovations will take forever, there are so many ideas and things you can do to rearrange a place. Pinterest isn't helping either.
  • It offers me stability and peace of mind. Sure, the bank will be my imaginary partner for the next 19 years, but since we talk only once a year, things are doing great. At the end of the day, I have my own shelter, the place where I can truly be myself.
  • Pride of ownership. It is not the same with bragging, it is something you feel on the inside and if you decide to share it with your friends, it is fine. It is something you accomplished and you should be proud of it. Even with a bank loan, there are so many documents and procedures that you deserve congratulations for not going crazy.

It is not something easy to do, but if the opportunity comes, do not let it go. In time, the value of proprieties rise, so even if you do not want to keep it, you can sell it.  I know it sounds old fashioned, but after a certain age, there is an experience that will add value to your maturity. Sure, there are benefits of renting, but if you want your own place, buying a house is certainly a blessing.

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