Swiffer Mop, Dry and Wet cloths and Duster Review

If you truly want something, the entire universe will work to get it for you. For a while I was craving for a mop that would help with cleaning, especially since my three cats and dog are doing great at bringing dirt and dust inside. And just like the saying, I was surprised pleasantly by the starter kit received from Buzzstore and Swiffer.

The Starter Kit included:

  • Mop with a 360 ° swivel head that cleans anywhere, even in hard-to-reach places, such as under refrigerators, ovens and sofas, as well as corners and edges;
  • Thick dry cloths that retain dust, dirt and hair;
  • Wet cloths dissolve dirt and retain it, leaving a fresh, clean odor;
  • Duster that captures and retains dust, hair and allergens from mites, cats and dogs on almost any surface, regardless of height.
The mop is wonderful to use, it removes dirt as well as dust and most important for me, hair. They are easy to replace and I honestly did not believe they would get attached and remain attached so right. 
The wet cloth leave the floor sparkling and as a bonus they have a subtle and undisturbed smell. 

On the opposite side, the mop is not as wide as I would ideally want, but it works fine. Also, the cloths remove dirt fast, but need to be changed at the same speed. They can be used on all sort of floors which is very handy.

Do not regret receiving them as they are of a great help. Cleaning is made faster and more efficient. The mop is useful for removing the dirt and hair with the wet and dry cloths and the duster captures all the impurities. 

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