Fairy Max Power Review


Both me and my mother were thrilled to be part of the new Buzzstore and Fairy campaign. And that's due to a simple reasons, we always used this detergent. to see them come with this new concept and fun bottle was a pleasant surprise.

Speaking of the bottle, it is the first I saw on the Romanian market to be upside down. This makes it more efficient, you don't waste that much product when it's nearly done. It also reduce the risk of slipping the bottle, which happened to me many times when I was turning the traditional bottles to use them. 

The formula removes every trace of food and leaves the plates easier to cleanse. You get rid of the fat faster, which coralets to their theory; finishing the cleaning of the dishes leaves you time to do the things you enjoy. And let's be honest, who likes to stay in the kitchen and wash dishes when there are so many other things to do. 

The amount and speed of creating foam is amazing. And trust me, I've learned this the hard way, I put a bigger amount at first, because that was my custom with other detergents and found myself, or more like my plates in a pool of foam. 

Fairy Max Power improved due to:

  • Anti-leak technology - The first bottle turned upside down to prevent leaks. 
  • Easy dosing - Easier to keep and use to save time and effort. 
  • No lid - Forget the lid that gets dirty and consumes every last drop of detergent.

There are three options of this detergent: Lemon, Tea tree and Pomegranate. The smell is very enjoyable and the options are various. 

All in all, we can say fairy has provided a revolutionary bottle and as a consumer I couldn't be happier. Spending less time in the kitchen is important, these days you have to save time and spend it when it matters more. 

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