Anew Renewal Power Serum Review


Anew Renewal Power Serum is a serum that I was very curious about because the effects were supposed to be shown rapidly. It was supposed to reduces up to 7 signs of aging in just 7 days! Now, let's talk if it really did that.

Personally, the only aging signs my face shows are some wrinkles when I smile and one more prominent when I frown. However, the serum was meant for all ages and skin types and we all know prevention leads to beautiful skin. 

How it works?
The formula contains Protinol, which helps increase the production of 2 types of collagen and accelerates cell renewal due to niacinamide. 

The texture was the first thing I was content about, it spreads very well and even after it sets, the healthy glow is visible. First impression was checked and as I was testing it, my skin became more elastic fantastic, as it was smooth and hydrated. My pores were more under control.

Its effects are better seen if you apply it both in the morning and evening. Massage a small amount onto your face and don't forget the neck. Make sure to use a hydrating cream after that. 

All in all, I was pleased with this serum. Its consistency marked me and my skin improved. It became more hydrated and definitely smoother. 

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