Always Platinum Review


At first I was reluctant in being part of these types of campaigns, but the idea of encouraging young ladies to believe in themselves and most important not feel ashamed, pushed me to test and talk about the new Always Platinum absorbents with Comfort Lock wings.

It is something we all are experiencing, and it is different for each one of us. Taking this into consideration, it is hard to find a product that takes care of your needs in particular, but also the needs of women in general. 

I know you don't want to hear about challenges in the menstruation period because sometimes getting through the day is the best thing we can do and that is ok. It is important to start little and step by step succeeding with your chores or whatever you have planed for the day. While doing so, to be protected is most important because that's how you feel comfortable.

Having good products for those days provide a confidence boost. And that is the case for Always Platinum. Since its launch in 2018, the Always Platinum range has become the best option in the entire Always range for comfort and protection.

The new Always Platinum absorbents are now enhanced to give you more comfort and protection:

  • Soft wings, designed to be gentle on the skin and to avoid irritation.
  • 3D LeakGuard technology to prevent side leaks.
  • 1,000 micro-pillows for extra comfort and absorption.
  • Soft & Fit design to fit your body
Promoting menstrual education and self-confidence is not only for young ladies. It is for all women as we all feel down during those days. Products like Always Platinum are improving constantly because the needs and awareness are changing. 

All in all, I was thrilled to be declare war on this taboo which makes so many women uncomfortable. It is not something we chose and we should not feel ashamed nor is a subject that should be silenced. We are all doing the best we can and if we take the time to say some good words to each other and cheer our day, just do it. 

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