Top k-pop covers you need to listen

For some days I have been bewitched by some amazing covers of pop songs or other genres and I thought about sharing some of my favorites. 

Made a playlist on YouTube that you can find here. The playlist contains more covers I enjoy, but here is la crème de la crème.

HONGSEOK - When I Was Your Man / Bruno Mars

Hong Seasons are something to look for, he releases beautiful covers.

BAEKHO - Tiny Riot /Sam Ryder

Had my eyes and ears on him from Nu'est era and this is another demonstration of his vocal power.

LEE CHANGSUB - '僕が死のうと思ったのは (내가 죽으려고 생각한 것은) / amazarashi Cover

From the lyrics, to the voice and overall message, this is a masterpiece.

ATEEZ  - ‘Leave The Door Open’ Cover /Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic

It is funny and showcases their vocals so fine, they're fine men, ya'all.

JUN, DONGHUN, CHAN Of A.C.E - Someone You Loved/Lewis Capaldi 
A.C.E made many covers and showed the world that it is missing on something very beautiful. 

Young K - Fly Me To The Moon /Bart Howard, Frank Sinatra
This is so classy and the vibe just requires a glass of wine. 

EXO-K - Sabor a Mi 
The guitar, the vocals and the song made me remember why I am proudly an EXO-L.

Monsta X -  Versace On Floor/ Bruno Mars
My Versace dress would probably have the same fate, but this is a serious top so enjoy the song and their pretty faces.

VIXX - Havana
Moving forward, but in the same mood, Vixx sure gave us some extra heartbeats with this performance.

The Rose - ILYSB
Their talent is extraordinary and when you hear his voice, you know this is going to be good.

KIM JAEHWAN - Little Bit of Love / Tom Grennan 
He is such a good vocalist and he is so underrated, so take this signal and go listen to him.

KIM JAEHWAN - juice/Lizzo
Maybe this will convince you.

N.Flying - 7 rings + bad guy + Señorita
They do so many incredible covers, it was heard to choose just one. 

Yewang of Epex - No Hay Nadie Más/Sebastián Yatra
It is rare to hear Spanish covers and this one was an enjoyable surprise. It is not special because it is rare, it is special because it is well done.

JINHO - 'abcdefu / GAYLE
We can say that because of Jinho I gave a chance to covers in general because before I thought that nothing is as good as the original. Now I'm looking forward Magazine Ho and you should too. 

Hope you enjoyed and found new gems to listen to. drop down what other covers you know and like to share.

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  1. Hades Likes CoversMay 1, 2022 at 7:28 AM

    Such talented artists!!! It's so refreshing seeing them trying new styles. I am so happy you included Vixx's cover of Havana. ❤️


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