My top 10 Eurovision performances 2022

Every year we celebrate music in all its diversity, many people from all around the world watching this show. The performances I enjoyed last year can be found here. This year was tougher, but some good songs were qualified in the final. 

10. Estonia

Not the kind of song I thought would impress so much, but it did. Sometimes keeping it simple goes a long way and a boy with a guitar touches many hearts. "Don't lose your hope for a better tomorrow."

9. Germany

Germany should reflect on its actions because it was unfair for this boy to score so low. It was actually one of my favorites entries from this country for some years. Also, Jedwards were right, Eminem vibes. Not complaining though.

8. Belgium

Voice so smooth, he was singing honey. Did not like Belgium for a long time and now they come with this bop. Should have been in higher places.

7. Ukraine

Always enjoyed a song that pays tribute to the culture and I am a bit sad their performance and talent are overshadowed by the situation happening in Ukraine. However, politics is always present in this contest.

6. Finland

Was kind of nervous for them because if you're famous before Eurovision is not always a plus. The song is beautiful and the performance was likewise. I'm happy they came and reminded us of all the delightful song they have. Their experience makes everything seem so fluid and pretty.

5. Norway

The perfect example of what is allowed in this competition and what people watching this show appreciate. An overly catchy and fun song that stays in your head.

4.  Serbia

Eurovision is a chance to hear different songs and see concept portrayed so well. This was the case of Serbia this year. It impressed with the message and concept and those big blue eyes. 

3. Romania

Ignore my bias heart, but I was so content we finally qualified and did such a clean job. The song was catchy and it was a breath of fresh air; everyone was trying to have unique sounds. The performance was impeccable, he and his dancers really did it alone. Because God forbid we pay money for some special effects. We should believe in ourselves more. Nonetheless, good job! 

2.  Moldova

As I said earlier, I appreciate very much when a country comes with its ethnic costumes and sounds and Moldova is the perfect representation of it. It was a catchy song that made you dance. For me, using their own language to represent is never a disadvantage and they did it so well. Besides the funky sound, it was a wonderful message for union, one that stood out in these times of conflict.

1. Spain

In terms of song and performance, this queen slayed. The dance and outfits were gorgeous and I'm sure everybody had their eyes glued to her. Especially the dance break was phenomenal. 

Honorable mentions from the semi-finals that did not catch the final.


Oh, please, if the world was justice in the world, they would have been in the final. It had song, performance, dance, everything flawless.

She was giving looks and the song is so beautiful.

Go green, why not? Their energy is contagious. They were really robbed.

The ballad that deserved to be in the final.

We are still high from the final but it is a great opportunity to think better when we vote next time. People had the best intention, giving love and support to Ukraine (not that Romania hasn't helped a lot at the border and we haven't received any points from them). The points weren't given as obviously as in the previous years, but you can still motivate some of the decision with non musical reasons. 
However, let's be realistic, where will they hold the next year contest? Will all the countries representatives be willing to go in a danger zone? The song was beautiful and it is a pity it is overshadowed by war. This is a song competition basically and throughout music we can repair a lot, but everything has a limit. 

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  1. love your picks gurl. Cyprus had a great song but sadly it failed to impress live. :(


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