Anew Daily Defence Moisturiser by Avon Review

The timing with this cream was great because the one I had prior was running out and I had my eyes on the Anew Daily Defence Moisturiser by Avon. I'm happy I got it because it has benefits my skin was craving. This SPF 50 moisturiser is a must have all around the year and for it to break through into the romanian market is something because here people in stores still recommend you beach creams when you ask for creams with SPF. 

The cream itself hydrates the skin beautifully and I fell in love with the consistency and the glow it provides afterwards. It is not too obvious and sits well with other hydrating serum or cream I was using, providing a great base for make-up. 

The non-greasy formula is easy to apply fast in the morning and it creates a good moisture protection for the day. It contains vitamin C which is help with the healthy glow and I can't wait to use it on a longer period of time to fully understand and see its effects.

The SPF 50 provides protection from UVA/UVB rays and external stressors. This is important for various reasons, it reduces the risk of sunburns, prevents skin aging and discoloration and reduces inflammations. 

All in all, this moisturizer is a nice asset for my skincare routine. The formula is dense enough and gives you the glow we are all aspiring to. 

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