They both die at the end Review


It took me three days to read this but what happens if you only have one day to live left? And it's not even an entire day. The story starts with two teenagers, Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio, who are almost 18 and they both receive a call from Death-Cast. The news is simple, both are going to die today.

One of the reasons why I bought this book was because Adam Silvera places the action close to my birthday, on September 5 and I thought it was a fate coincidence. It is interesting to see the changes made in a society who has this service. Everyone receives a call in the day of their death, but the exact hour is not known nor the cause of it. There are also connected services that help people create memories and fulfill their wishes, even though they are made with the help of virtual experiences. 

The main characters did not known each other before the day they get the call. Mateo is an introverted boy who doesn't leave the apartment often. His mother died giving birth and his father is currently in coma, so when he receives the call he wants to go outside and experience life for the last time. That fear is not that easy to overcome but luckily he meets Rufus on the Last Friend app. The app provides the chance for Deckers (person who got the last day call) to not spend the day alone. Rufus has his own problems, but he sees something in Mateo, despite his shyness and caution. 

Even if it wasn't Mateo and Rufus, this book makes you think and I really like books which do that. What would you do if you knew you would die today? Would you want to know the day you die? Those were the first questions I had in mind, but I think the chance to say goodbye to your dear ones is worth it.

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