AVON Mascara Legendary Lengths


My friends from Buzzstore and Avon gifted me this amazing mascara. I've had a lot of mascaras in the past but they always seem to put me though hard times. Because I'm wearing glasses, I would end up with horizontal lines on them. To say it was annoying is an understatement. Now, let's discuss what makes the AVON Mascara Legendary Lengths so good.

First of all, the brush is my favorite, as it does not create the spider effect and elongates the lashes beautifully. Been fan of the simple and effective brushes like this one. It creates the effect of longer lashes, can't argue with that. 

Second of all, it lifts the lashes and my glasses appreciate that so much. That is the best thing about this mascara. The lashes are long and elevated. How it works? The formula containing polymers prolongs eyelashes and the result is you having long, voluminous eyelashes. This makes it perfect for every occasion. 

Apply a small amount of mascara by dipping the brush into the bottle and rotating it several times. It may give the impression that there is not a trace of product, like I thought, but it is not like that. Apply on eyelashes from root to tip and you'll see the results and be pleased with it. 

All in all, this mascara fulfills my standards and provides beautiful and lifted lashes. Can not ask for more and I'm really grateful I had the opportunity to test this mascara. It will definitely be on my purchase list for a long time, so let's be legendary together. 

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