Yves Rocher Advent Calendar Review

This one was the nicest present I received in a while, not that I don't appreciate all the presents I got, it was a good year, from this point of view. At first I was a bit confused as to why my friend insisted to give me the present so early in December, my initial thought was that it had to be a fish, don't know why. 

Truthfully, my friend didn't want me to miss the experience of opening it day by day because that's the whole magic of advent calendars. It tasted my patience and curiosity, but I am glad I was able to train my self-control. 

Speaking of this advent calendar in particular, Yves Rocher must have been one of the most decent calendars out there this year. Saw many reviews online and videos on Tiktok, that showed other calendars and while some were worthy, some were disappointing to say at least.

Some people complain about the sample size products, but you have to consider the fact that you can't buy 24 full size products at that price, especially with high class brands. The products in the Yves Rocher calendar varied, but I'm pretty content with them. 

The products the Yves Rocher advent calendar had are:

Delectable Blackberry Lip Balm / 4,8g
Recovery Sleeping Night Care / 7ml
Repairing Anti-Pollution Day Care / 7ml
Soothing Foam Mask with Organic Chamomile / 30ml
Regenerating Balm Mask with Organic Calendula / 30ml
Ultra-fresh Cleansing Gel - Pure Algue / 30 ml
2 in 1 Makeup Removing Micellar Water – Pure Algue / 50ml

Rouge Vertige Lipstick 56 Satiny - Incandescent Coral / 3,7g
Go Green Nail Polish – 08 Ginger Red / 5ml
Mini Kohl Pencil – 01 Black / 0,78g
Intense Metamorphosis Mascara / 8ml

Eau de Parfum Plein Soleil / 4ml
Eau de Parfum Sel d’Azur / 4ml

Mini 2 in 1 Balm Hair Mask – Repair / 30ml
Balm Shampoo – Repair / 50ml
Rinsing Vinegar – Shine / 50ml
Botanical Balm / 30ml

Delectable Blackberry Bath & Shower Gel / 50ml
Melting Orange Bath & Shower Gel / 50ml
Extraordinary Shea Reparative Body Lotion / 30ml
Mini Apricot Botanical Body Scrub / 30ml
Argan and Rose Body Lotion / 50ml
Melting Orange Hand Cream / 30ml
Argan Rose Hammam Bath and Shower Gel / 50ml

There were products from all categories and was very happy to try them. They all smell lovely and some of them are very season oriented, with scents like chocolate and oranges. Besides that, the box is also beautiful and the owl is magnificent. The cardboard is 60% recycled cardboard from their wastes.

It is a beautiful present and something to look after every day before Christmas. Even if you are busy with work or the preparation for the holiday most of us cherish, you know that at the end of the day you get a little surprise.


  1. I am so so so happy you liked it and that the calendar wasn't a fail. I was worried when I saw a bunch of failed calendars this year but I am happy this turned out to be quite good.

  2. The Yves Rocher Advent Calendars have been better in the past 3 years, but they were always sold out early. This one is now on sale on their website and still offers free shipping and use of an additional code. I am not jazzed by the chamomile product (allergy), and I would have liked a nonblack eye pencil and a noncoral lipstick. I do love the orange hand cream.


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