My top 100 k-pop songs of 2021

In making this top I had more trouble this year in comparison with 2020. There weren't enough tracks to fill the top, while in 2020 I had to cut from it. However, this doesn't mean the music was not good, it's my personal preference and luckily this year my favorites blessed me with awesome songs. 

Let's start!

100 Nik - Santa Monica -- A lovely place to visit and reunite families

99 Golden Child - Singing in the rain --Their rain is so fancy

98 Secret Number - Fire Saturday -- Attracted by the pants, this is a bop

97 Wonho - Lose -- I'm a winner baby

96 Hyo ft. Bibi - Second -- She's so cool, you get such pretty energy from listening to this

95 Brave Girls - After we ride -- Hope they'll be fine, they have nice songs

94 Cravity - Veni Vidi Vici -- Can't remember from my latin class, but I guess it means Come and get me

93 CL - Lover like me -- I bet there isn't

92 Han Seung Woo -  We loved each other -- And it's time you love him as well

91 Key & Taeyeon - Hate that -- Two divas, no need to say more

90 SF9 - Tear drop -- Just tears of joy and happiness

89 Kingdom - Black crown -- Outfits on point and some drama

88 Sunmi - Can't sit with us -- Guess highschool is like that sometimes

87 Hanse - Take over -- Anything he wishes, he's so talented

86 StayC -  Stereotype -- It's so addictive

85 Twice - Alcohol free -- You can get drunk without alcohol

84 Enhypen - Drunk-dazed -- Why so many mentions of alcohol when you can get drunk with my beauty?

83 Highlight - Surf -- A whale in search of an ocean

82 Astro - One  -- They grew up so well

81 Kim Jae Hwan - Pray -- Both he and the songs are hidden gems

80 BTS, Coldplay - My universe -- Have to admit that Jungkook's part is my favorite

79 Monsta X - Whispers in the dark -- No joke, their album is a gem

78 Woodz - Waiting -- Remember how much I've recommended you Woodz last year? History repeats itself.

77 Monsta X - I got love -- It's just the beginning, brace yourself

76 Stray Kids - Sorry, I love you -- It's okay, it's love

75 NCT U - Maniac -- The kids made a song about their mother, adorable

74 Pentagon - Do or not --Yes, I do, happily ever after

73 Demian - One more night -- It will never be enough

72 Aespa - Next level -- Know your worth, inspiring song

71 Nu'est  - Dress -- Probably my favorite song from them

70 NCT 127 - Nonstop -- They just have that style and songs, can't get enough

69 A.C.E - Down -- I would go to their parties

68 Hyuna - I'm not cool -- She's not cool, she's a queen

67 Victon - What I said -- They jumped so high this year, congrats

66 Stray Kids- Christmas Evel -- Think it's the first Christmas song to enter this top

65 Highlight - Disconnected --We're getting old together

64 ITZY - Shoot -- Shoot some swag in people's ears

63 Key - Bad love -- The vocals, so raw and beautiful

62 TXT - Anti-romantic -- All anti-fans turned into anti-romantics

61 Loona - Not friends -- Liked this style on them

60 BtoB - Outsider -- As a melody, I see myself as an insider

59 Woodz - Kiss of fire -- I mean, he's a Leo

58 Ten & YangYang - Low low --Yet the song is so high high

57 Taemin - Advice -- Some people give advice, some people take it

56 Monsta X - Gambler -- If Gambit had clones, he would have 6 handsome clones

55 Stray Kids - Oh -- Enjoying the duality of SKZ, beautiful song

54 Stray Kids - Red lights  -- The other part of the duality

53 Aespa - Savage -- Fellow savages, unite

52 Monsta X - Addicted -- You begin listening to an album and end up listening to 3

51 Monsta X - Secrets -- Hyungwon wrote it, know it's even spicier

50 Victon - Flip a coin -- I prefer bills, but damn they did it this year

49 Ateez - I'm the one --Spoiler, can't really tell whose the one, who has only one bias in Ateez

48 Highlight - Not the end -- It will never be the end

47 A.C.E - Higher -- The aesthetic solely is worthy

46 YoungK - Guard you -- Sure, we can recreate Bodyguard

45 Baekhyun - Cry for love -- I don’t think you appreciate his voice enough, go listen to this

44 Woodz - Feel like -- He's the sum of beautiful aesthetics, sounds and voice

43 Monsta X - Got me in chains -- No person was hurt in making this song

42 Golden Child - Bottom of the ocean -- The true home for a whale

41 ITZY - in the morning -- Can't say I have that energy in the morning, but they are so talented

40 Stray Kids - Winter falls -- Didn't see their style in this song, but I liked it

39 TXT - LO$ER=LOVER  -- It brings back the emo phase I never had

38 Everglow - Pirate -- Can we say they're famous overseas?

37 Monsta X - Rush hour -- Usually I'm fond of the songs on the album more than the title one, but this is good

36 Weekly - After school -- Name someone who hasn't listened to this

35 Ateez - Deja vu -- Like the assumption there was something between us before

34 Woo!Ah! - I don't miss you -- It brings the mood up if you listen to this

33 Ateez - Take me home -- My door will always be opened

32 Woosung - Dimple - That isn't the only part adorable about him

31 Monsta X - One day -- Just want to sit and drink with them for their heartbreak

30 NCT 127 - Sticker -- You either like it or not

29 Woodz - Chaser -- Did I tell you to listen to his album?

28 Ravi - Cardigan -- We can share it

27 D.O - Rose -- It's such a cute song, get rid of your preconceptions

26 Monsta X - Mercy -- Lord have mercy

25 Onewe - Rain to be -- Masterpiece, the vocals and song is flawless

24 IVE - Eleven -- Can't get it out of my head

23 Monsta X - Tied to your body -- It's not what it seems, I swear

22 Kim Jae Hwan - I wouldn't look for you -- A boy with a guitar is enough sometimes

21 Monsta X - About last night -- It's not what it seems, I swear x 2

20 Stray Kids - Domino -- If I would work out, it would be a perfect song for it

19 TXT - 0X1=LOVESONG -- This was their year to gain my attention and they succeeded

18 Baekhyun & Seomoontak - Hurt -- Thought it will be on the first place for a good period of time

17 TXT - Frost -- Don't know why exactly I listen to this that much

16 Yang Yoseob - Brain -- Can say he's so thoughtful, but I still lose my head when I listen to him

15 Twice - Scientist -- They took a different approach to love, it turned cute either way

14 Twice - The feels -- You danced to it at least in your head

13 Ateez - Turbulence -- They can't be that good, can they?

12 SF9 - Gentleman -- The violin has my attention, and they, of course

11 E'last - Dark dream -- Brings back old school k-pop, me like it, also the lyrics have a nice turning point


10 Bang YongGuk - Race -- Back in the game, it's so nice to see him back

9 Loona - Dance on my own -- It's an anthem

8 Monsta X - You problem -- The 90's vibe got me, got me thinking I am rather old

7 Seventeen - Rock with you -- Visual, lyrics, vocal, dance, everything on point

6 Ateez -Not too late -- A different side of them, it showcases so beautiful their voices

5 Stray Kids - Thunderous -- They are so on point with everything, it's hard not to stan them

4 ITZY - Loco -- They grew up on me fast, they have the whole package

3 Ateez - The real -- High energy with their own flavor, got to keep my eyes on them

2 NCT 127 - Favorite(Vampire) -- Besides the whistle part, they have a sweet melody and honey voices

1 Oneus - Luna -- My poor phone is sick of this song, but I'm not yet. Stan ONEUS!!!


  1. WOW! So many beautiful songs in this top. I also got surprised this year by stray kids, txt and oneus.I can't stop listening to kpop. It's addicted.

  2. Loved your top, you have such a different style from me and it's nice to see another perspective. I am also surprised we have a few songs that are on the same number. 😂😂😂
    I am posting mine soon as well. :D

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