Vanish Oxi Action Review

My mother and I were very happy when we found out about the new campaign of Buzzstore with Vanish. There are products we used often and this time we enjoyed Vanish Oxi Action Pink and Crystal White version. Let me tell you the difference between them and why I use them.

The first I'm going to talk about is Vanish Oxi Action Pink. They say it resolves 3 problems with one product and it isn't far from the truth. 
Its advantages are:
  • it removes stubborn and dry stains;
  • prevents color transfer;
  • combats unpleasant odors and cleans hygienically.

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White does all the things the colored version does, but it is more careful with white clothes. It removes stains and keeps the specific shine of white clothes up to 50 washes, keeping them smelling beautifully, of course.

The liquid formula has to be added in the washing machine and the powder is to ensure the stains are removed completely. For that, you have to apply it before putting the clothes in the washing machine. Simply add some powder and water on the stain and make sure it is soaked, then put it in the machine. 

By using these types of detergents, your clothes lasts longer and you can enjoy your favorite pieces of clothing for a long time. With only a dose, I am content to have cleaner clothes, without stains.


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