My top aesthetic k-pop music videos

Had the idea to write this top after seeing a video that is included in this list. Mainly, I'm focused on the melody and did not give the music videos enough attention. Some of them are masterpieces in my opinion, and had to reason my choices. Enjoy!

Honorable mentions:

Lee Hi - rose;
B.A.P - angel;
Twice - fancy;
B1A4 - sweet girl;
Sunmi - noir;
Apink - I'm so sick;
Astro - all night.

The videos are not ranked, just mentioned because I couldn't rank beauty, haha. 

A.C.E- higher

They call themselves A.C.E because they excel at pretty much everything. The video is a pleasure to the eye from the make-up, hairstyles, outfits and props. Each member has their appealing staging and it is so nice to see them get the attention they deserve. Also, I would like very much to have Jun's beige and glitter blouse. 

BTOB - I'll be your man

Rather than seeing their dork side, which is adorable, I like to focus on their amazing vocals and performances. Btob has been in the scene for some years now and I want to make sure people see their talent, outside of their amusing personalities. The song is a masterpiece and the plot is also interesting as each of them has a part in Minhyuk's love story. The whole story is well presented and simply beautiful, although Minhyuk hanged in air and wounded isn't the definition of beauty, you know what I mean.

VIXX - Shangri-La

Concept kings was for me an overrated definition of what Vixx was, simply because they were so much more. Their vocals and choreographies were out of this world and we should also acknowledge that.  This music video in particular is an example of Vixx's essence, beauty and grace combined with strong colors and featherily melody. Sure, you can seek a meaning, a plot, but they like to play with symbols to the extend that their art seems poetry. 

VIXX - Scentist

Speaking of Vixx' essence, one can never get enough when they come across a good perfume. They even made me read the book that inspired the music video and with them there are few things I regret. As they matured, there was always something so classy and respectful about their work and performances. In Scentist the visuals are enhanced properly and each member of Vixx is a joy to watch.

Pentagon - daisy

It was a tie with Dr. Bebe when it comes to the aesthetic I enjoy, but to celebrate Yanan's return, I chose daisy. Just like in Dr. Bebe, every member had its beautiful part to shine, thing I find sometimes lacking when it comes to group with numerous members. Pentagon has the talent to know what suits each member, that's why nobody seems to be left outside. 

Mamamoo - Wind Flower

Maybe because I like the song so much, I included Wind Flower here, although there are a lot of songs that rocked the melody. but not the video. In Wind Flower the melody blends so well with the aesthetic. These girls are gorgeous and to see all those outfits and the make-up that only made them more beautiful was delightful. Each of them has their own style and it is hard to pick a favorite.

Dreamcatcher - Deja vu

Themed music video help in building the plot and what other scenery provides as much emotion as betrayal? Deja vu impresses in not only the consistency with the melody, but also in the portrayal of emotions. It is easy to understand the plot and expend it when you have so much material. The reason why I put this music video in my list is far beyond pretty gowns and girls, but how they used the shots to create intricate parts of the story.

Taeyeon - Four seasons

Taeyeon delivers in every aspect of performing, vocals and giving us beautiful photographic frames dipped in meanings. Four seasons is a perfect example of how versatile she is in terms of visuals aspects. She carelessly provides music videos worth admiring. 

Monsta X - dramarama

Everything that starts with an espresso and Minhyuk has to be good and dramarama is the proof. While the video showcases the story with their friendships and all those theories, it is also really beautiful to watch. Hyungwon does an amazing job in his role, he sticks to your eyes like pearl sugar. Also, his long, red velvet coat is a highlight.

Oneus - Luna

As if the song isn't addictive enough, these kids have a special place in my playlist and top. Was cheering for them the entire Road to kingdom and was not disappointed by them. Not going to begin talking about their qualities, but this video. It is a style that suits them, the same way as in Lit. Glad they found their own signature style because their majestic in doing it. They are a relatively young group, but it is nice to see them experiment and be respectful towards their culture.  

All in all, those are the videos I recall making an impact in my memory. Every one is special and means something, but remember the beauty lays in the eyes of the viewer. I'm sure there are video you would have liked being included so feel free to mention them.

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  1. Omg, I haven't been around here in a while and seeing this article was a blessing. I love your choices, the boys and girls have their aesthetic on point. It's a blessing to see such beautiful M/Vs.
    I got a hint of nostalgia watching your top. Kudos!


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