Avon Power Stay lipstick and Eye Shadow Review

Christmas is so close we can almost hear the bells, so the early presents received from Buzzstore and Avon were a joy. What I received are the liquid lipstick and Eye Shadow Stick of the Power Stay line. They are meant to be ultra resistant so I had fun testing them, but also was able to donate to M.A.M.E association who is helping women dealing with cancer, through purchasing a Christmas card. 

The first one I tested was the liquid lipstick. The shade I have is Kiss&Tell which is an adorable red shade. Red lipstick was always my favorite in all shapes and forms. This one makes no exception, it is pigmented enough to wear it on casual basics and evening occasions. The thing that separates it from other lipsticks I've used recently is its resistance and behavior with the masks I was wearing. After it dries it has a matte finish which does not stain the mask which is everything we are looking for nowadays.  

The eye shadow stick has the stylish brown shade and is so convenient to wear. you can create a precise line to use it as an eye liner or blend it as an eye shadow. It has little sparkles which I like and it suits brown eyes amazingly. It also lasts all day and I was so glad I did not have to check consistently for fall outs.  

 All in all, the products became rapidly my favorite make-up products I've tested in a while. With them, I was able to recreate some nice looks, for work or going out, but also autumn fitted. Despite that, I totally see myself underneath the Christmas tree wearing them, so they are appropriate for many events. It was a nice feeling to trust the products all day and not worry about smudging and masks. Next time when you see them, make sure to purchase them!

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