Places to visit in Oradea, Romania

It's been a while since the trip I had to the beautiful Oradea, but I was thinking the other day that it can be the last trip I will have this year. So it is a shame to not share all the beautiful places I have been. There is no order because I enjoyed each of them. Also, they are very close so you can get fast from one building to another, literally. 

The Neolog Synagogue Zion

A quiet space that speaks about grief, resistance and is absolutely beautiful on top of that. The ticket was cheap and you can even go upstairs to enjoy the view and details of this enormous place.


Black Hawk (Vulturul Negru) Palace Arcade
This one is a must-have and for certain reasons. The building is colorful and like most of the buildings in Oradea, well preserved. Prior the pandemic, there were a lot of coffee shops, but when we visited there weren't many left opened. As soon as you step out of the palace, you are in an amazing square, with many places to visit just one step away.


The Criș Country Museum
We could have missed this museum easily, despite the fact that it was across the street from where we stayed. We got there pretty late, I recommend you save some time to enjoy it fully, but the staff was super nice, showing us where to begin to manage our time efficiently. We saw an exposition of reptiles and other cute relatives like snakes, but also gorgeous pieces of art inside the museum.


The Baroque Palace
This place was more than a remarkable Instagram location, but place where we discovered kindness and biblical plants. Let me explain, as soon as we got there, a gentlemen explained to us where we can go and where it was not available at the moment, inviting us to join the ceremony in the church nearby. We went and attended it a little bit, admiring the Gothic style of the church. The palace was closed, only available a couple days a week, not the one we were, obviously. The garden, however, was opened and  it was so interesting to see many plants, flowers and vegetables mentioned in the Bible. 



Darvas- La Roche House

Probably my favorite location of the whole trip, this house reminds me about my ex life when I could afford living in such place. The aesthetics and preservation is outstanding; we can take a glimpse at a house of rich people in the past. It was not about the opulence, but the good taste. Another surprise was the projection in the child's room that left me in owe. It took about 10 minutes, surrounded in dark by colorful images on the wall, moving us to Wonderland and beyond.



Oradea Fortress

A great place to walk and enjoy history and legends. Unfortunately, the museum and art galleries were not opened when we arrived, but we could get a pretty nice look at the buildings, park and how large it is.

There are so many places that captivate you in Oradea. Most of the buildings are renovated but in the original style and it is a pleasure to the eye just to walk in the center of the city. These are just some of the places we succeeded to visit in our short trip, I'm sure that there are a lot more undiscovered by us.
Until next time, remember Romania also has beautiful places.

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  1. Beautiful article with many beautiful places. Oradea is astounding and definitelly a great place for a mini-vacation.
    Glad we could do this. Until next time, take care. 😁


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