KFC experience - better late than never

A short encounter with my friends was encouraged by the new menu on KFC, with the help of Buzzstore. The reason was the not spicy chicken menu which was released recently. It was highly requested and they even made a joke out of it, by promoting it "better late than never". 

You can personalize the menu just the way you want but we chose the whole package, 8 strips, a portion of fries, a soda and a nice garlic sauce. Like I said, you can change from 6 to 8 strips of chicken, pick your favorite sauce or another beverage of your choice. And the size of your fries, of course. 

Cooked according to the Colonel's original recipe, the chicken has the perfect proportion when we compare the tenderness inside with the crispy shell. The fries were also pleasant to eat as they were not overly salty and the sauce was the right option. 

All in all, as much as I am a fan of spicy food, a pause from it is always welcomed and this new menu from KFC was the perfect example of tasty food while not loosing the spice. Because there is a difference from using spices and being spicy, the new menu has a lot of taste. So, next time when you are craving something savory, look for this menu.

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