Barnängen Oil Intense Line Review

It's been a while since I began using the Oil Intense line from Barnängen, a Swedish company I discovered with the help of Buzzstore.

The products I used are:

💧 Shower Cream with wild rose extract and 7% cold cream.

💧 Body Lotion with wild rose extract and 7% cold cream.

💧 Body Balm with wild rose extract and 7% cold cream.

The reason why I like these products so much is their 90% vegan formula which hydrates the skin and engulfs you in the most charming smell. The cold cream component was intriguing because I've never tried it before. Basically, it is a moisturizing emulsion combined with rose water, beeswax and lipids to hydrate the skin. It has a long history in making the skin smoother. Along with the other ingredients, the natural balance of the skin is protected.

After shower, I used the body lotion that also has the vegan formula and a 400 ml package. The lotion is absorbed fast and has the nice smell the entire line has.

After it is absorbed, I apply the body balm to seal the moisture and make my skin even smoother. The balm itself has a nice texture, being very easy to spread and apply.

The concept behind the brand was another thing I found interesting. "Lagom", a term to describe an entire lifestyle, promoting a balanced life. 

"Neither too big nor too small.

Neither too slow nor too fast.

Not too much, not too little.

In other words? Balanced."

Enjoying little things at a slow pace doesn't mean we should cease progres and long for futuristic solutions. With that in mind, the product is a result of research and development, while enjoying the product can become a real ritual.

All in all, I was very grateful for the opportunity to test these products. They nourished my skin very well and made the whole bathing a ritual. 

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