Places to visit in Lipova, Romania

For the first time in many years, I had a 5 days vacation and could take a break from work. One of my friends lives in a city 34 km away from Arad and because she also had a vacation, I decided to pay her a visit. Thought Lipova was a small city, but it turned out the city I'm living in is far smaller and with less tourist attractions. Even thought it was a small getaway, I wasn't bored at all.

The places I visited are:

The "Sub dughene" bazaar (Turkish bazaar) - now it is functioning as a bar and some small businesses, but the architecture and old building is still standing. 

Ruins of Șoimoș Citadel - was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The way to get to the citadel is rough so dress accordingly. However, the view is amazing and the ruins are beautiful. It was tiring getting there, but the view and nature were totally worth it.

The Saint Mary monastery in Radna - a beautiful building with a gallery of religious pictures exposed, great architecture and a beautiful garden. There are a lot of benches where you can rest. There is said that during a religious holiday of Saint Mary you can find her tears in the ground as little flowers seeds.

The thermal baths "Băile Lipovei" - where springs with curative mineral water flow. You can drink water which is high on iron and you can go take a bath at the pool nearby. The fee for entering was small and you can take a sunbed there for free. The pool was nice and it weren't many people which was a plus.

The Bocu's cross - it wasn't on our checklist, but our local guide aka our friend said it was a good idea to visit at night, when a storm was heard to be taking place in all the county. So we went on some steep streets that were so hard to climb; I really appreciate the people living there and through some fields with cows going to sleep to get to the cross. It was complete darkness by the time we got there and the cross was the only thing shining. Besides the lightnings. The city looked very beautiful.



Honestly, I did not expect to see all these things, many of which I did not hear about before. The weather was nice, you can order a taxi to get you anywhere and there are a lot of beautiful things to visit. The vacation was a total success and I can't wait for the next one.

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