Oh So Tokyo Collection from Avon Review

I know it sounds a cliche, but since I was little I used to watch sports and the Olympics were well appreciated and expected. But today we are not going to talk about the sports and all it involves, but about the new collection Avon has, which is called Oh So Tokyo and is inspired by the big event. 

This edition of the Olympics is held in Tokyo and we'll see many elements which showcase the inspiration from the Japanese culture and the transition to make-up. The two products I tested provided with kindness by Buzzstore are:

❤ Mark Eye contour pencil;
❤ Mark Lipstick and blush.

The eyeliner is fluid and has his tip inspired by the art of calligraphy, being useful for an exact application. The shade I had it was Fire Red and even though I was a little sceptic at the beginning, it is now one of my favorite new toys. The shade is bright, but can be included in an everyday look so easy. Just spicy the things a little bit and even if you're not a fan of sports it's summer and you celebrate that.

The lip tint and blush was a new experience for me. Was familiarized with lip tints due to some Asians Youtubers I watch, but never found one in my country until now. It is not like a normal lipstick, it is more fluid and the color doesn't pop as intensely. Personally, it is not a problem, because I'm liking the natural look it provides. Also, it can be used as a blush and I'm so excited about it. It can be applied with your fingers and is as efficient as a regular blush. 

Honestly, I thought red eyeliner was going to be a challenge, but ended up liking it very much. Maybe it is a sign you should try something you think you dislike before testing it. The products are great and for me the thought of the Olympics gives me a boost. Hope Team Romania is going to do fantastic, I'll be cheering for them from home. If you want to check out the looks I created with these products, here's my Instagram page 👀

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