Always Platinum Review


Along with Buzzstore I was able to test the new formula that Always released for pads. This is a more undisputed subject than it should be, in general, so let's see the benefits of this type of pads.

The 1000 micro-pillows offer a pleasant feeling and extra comfort. Always Platinum provides increased protection (from Always Ultra) due to super-absorbent side barriers that protect against leaks and improved interior with more absorbent material (from Always Ultra) that absorbs liquid inside.

So, it is improved from its previous version by having:
💜 Improved comfort
💜 Ultra absorption
💜 Dermatological tested
💜 Neutralized odors

They were part of my personal preferences for some years now, and the new version is definately an improved one. Another thing that is an advantage for me is the smell. As soon as you open the package, it smells so nice. 

At first I was sceptic about letting people know what kind of pads I was using, but seeing other women do it was inspiring. It's nothing to be ashamed of, we all suffer during that time of the month so making things more comfortable should be encouraged. 

They come in single pack or duo pack version if you want to make stocks. Always Platinum sanitary towels come in four different sizes: Normal (Size 1), Long (Size 2), Night (Size 3), and Secure Night (Size 4). The difference between Always Ultra and Always Platinum is that the last provides better leak protection (Always Ultra was also a top in that department) and has a new technology of odor neutralizing.

Hope this information was useful and you'll feel more prepared next month. Remember, it's not something to stop us from enjoying life and doing our normal routine or even a special routine, especially if you have a strong ally like Always Platinum. 

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