My top 10 performances from Eurovision 2021

It's been almost a week since the contest is over and I'm still not over some songs and performances and of course, Damiano. But let's stick to the subject. This year we enjoyed Eurovision Song contest more because of the last years's absence. It is a tradition for Europeans to watch it and we can't really imagine life without it.

My top 10 performances of 2021:

10. Stefania - Last Dance (Greece)

I have to admit, my eyes were glued to her the moment I saw her because she is sooo beautiful. Usually I'm not fond of Greek song that aren't in the beautiful Greek language, but surprisingly, this entry was too catchy. The show gave me dizziness at one point and I'm sorry for the people in the arena who only saw green males, but it was a well thought show and it turned good.

9. Destiny - Je Me Casse (Malta)
With that voice we certainly know what her destiny is. It was a pleasant surprise from Malta and I definitely enjoyed both the performance and the song. Was surprised to see my country giving 12 points to this masterpiece, but I don't regret it.

8. Anxhela Peristeri - Karma (Albania)

Besides the fact that she is gorgeous and she looks the same, I always liked countries which came with songs in their native language. Albania really turned the tables in its favor because it could have easily come through as another powerful ballad if she was standing still and was wearing a long gown. Instead of that, they showcased her beauty and amazing vocals in a one woman show.

7. Hurricane - Loco Loco (Serbia)
Serbia presented us three of its national treasures and I once again admired the beauty of our fellow Europeans. They were kind of underrated but I liked their powerful vocals and amazing energy. Can't remember the last time I was so impressed by a stage of Serbia so congratulations!

6.  Eden Alene - Set Me Free (Israel)
This country was a joy for me to watch all these years because they never let me down and Eden lived up to the expectations. Couldn't say it was a surprise coming from this country because they had an amazing variety of entries. This performance in particular was very good because, first of all, she was so cute, the song was catchy and enhanced her vocals and we had an outfit reveal. 

5. Manizha - Russian Woman (Russia)
The big surprise was that Russia chose this song as a representative. It left all those who were watching the competition feeling Russian, women and rapping in Russian. Manizha is simply adorable and the cultural message was sent despite of that. It was beautiful to hear that a wall is hopefully breaking soon.


4. Natalia Gordienko - SUGAR (Moldova)
Heard so many critics about this song, but I like it. Y'all acting surprised that she received points from Russia when friendship points have been given since the first ESC held. Or are you feeling deceived because she looks like that even though she's consuming sugar? Just relax and enjoy the performance of this beautiful lady and her smile and the handsome back-dancers. Speaking of dance, it was so energetic. Maybe because of sugar, who knows.

3. Efendi - Mata Hari  (Azerbaijan)
Well, I liked her since last year if it counts. She's absolutely gorgeous and made us all fell like incredible women. Plus, the dance break was amazing and the stage looked so good, in theme with the Oriental femme fatale topic.  

2. Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni  (Italy)
I am honest and I admit that they weren't my favorites when the competition begin, but they were the reason I watched the press conference after the show, the reason why I searched for my eyeliner and considered starting smoking. They got the big ok when my mother said they were fine but she commented something about how different sites translated the lyrics. Italy should have won if not with my grande amore, Il volo, at least with Mahmood, so I am very content with what they bought to this competition.

1. The Roop - Discoteque (Lithuania) 
Here they are, my favorites this year. From that shade of yellow, to the outfits and song, they made me dance in my room like no one was watching. There's something so addictive to them and the charming vocalist isn't helping. Knew my favorites had small chances to win, but in this contest they rarely do. Just enjoy the show.


  1. Ethan The gorgeous DrummerMay 30, 2021 at 6:01 AM

    Every year I get excited about Eurovision and it never lets me down. This year was no exception and the majority of the songs were very good so it was a tough competition. I agree with your choices, the songs are pretty epic and the winners are absolutely breath-taking.
    Let's save money so we can see the show live in Italy next May, it would be a dream to see Maneskin that close!

  2. awww I'm happy you enjoyed the show. Really nice top 10, well done! :)


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