L'oreal Paris Youth Code Luminizer Review

L'oreal Paris Youth Code Luminizer is a serum I have been using for a couple of weeks. While its effects didn't land on me fully, I can tell you about my experience so far. Because my skin was feeling dull and spring was coming with new damages to my skin, I knew I had to take better care of it.

It is meant to be used for a normal skin type, to prevent damages from pigmentation and to help your skin be more bright and uniform. The whole result should be visible after a month of using and I still have time until then. What I can say is that the skin feels so smooth after using it. It hydrates your skin appropriately, it is easily absorb and with a pump you can cover your whole face.

The 30 ml package is very easy to use, the cap with retain some product over time, but it is easy to clean up. Even though it has only 30 ml of product it seems to last very well, due to its formula. I had products that lasted well less and with fewer benefits. It also wasn't that pricey, bought it from my local Calla and I was surprised they had it. It was nice to see that they are constantly improving the diversity of their merch. 

All in all, I was delighted to use it. It was a formula that my skin adored. Indeed, my skin was feeling better after using it and especially in this transition season, when my skin changes tone, the sun is starting a war against it, so this serum helped me fight courageously. 

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