Avon True Nutraeffects Nourishing Oil Cream Review

A while ago I made a purchased from Avon that I was content with. Among other products, there was this face cream, the Miracle Glow nourishing oil cream with a non-greasy finish. It seemed interesting and even though I had a different face cream at the moment, I decided to give it a chance.

The main purpose of this face cream is to nourish your skin, while making it visible glow. It is allergy tested and suitable for sensitive skin. You have to apply and massage it and the trick is you do not have a choice. It contains tiny pearls as you can see in the picture and you have to massage until they dissolve. It can be bothersome, especially in the mornings, if you are on a rush, but remember that it's a great way to just stop and give yourself a well-deserved massage. Let's look on the bright side of things, shall we?

The package is nice, it contains 50 ml of product and the recipient is both easy to use and good quality. It came with a long prospect, mostly the same thing translated in many languages. 

The active seed complex did make my skin smoother and firmer and definitely more glowing. I was not bothered by the massage task, in fact I like using it. However, I would not count solely on it for hydrating my skin. It is part of my routine as one of the last steps. It locks up all the moisture in the skin, so I'm grateful for that.

While it was an interesting purchase, I'm happy I did surrender to my instinct. It is a very good cream for sealing the moisturizing routine and give an extra glow to your skin, while having fun and massaging your skin.

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