Oriflame Love Nature Radiance Toner

Dedicated to all skin types, with organic apricot and orange, it has been part of my large purchase from Oriflame made a while ago. Wasn't the person to use toner all the time, but my skin is in need for hydration like asap so I tried to add this to my routine.

Basically, the toner prepares the skin for the moisturizing products you are going to put next. It makes sure the products are going to be absorbed better into the skin. Particularly speaking, the one from Oriflame, is meant to help in the hydrating process and also bring out the glow. 

Like all the Love nature products I've used so far, it is scented. This one gives off a fresh apricot and citric smell which is pleasant. I don't mind using scented products once in a while, just for diversity. When I apply it, I don't use cotton pads, just put it directly on my skin. It is absorbed fast so you won't waste time. 

The bottle is also fair, it is easy to open and use. And it has 150 ml of product, and even though I have used it for two months now, I still got plenty of it. Remember, the toner has to be used after cleansing the face. This way, it becomes more energized and radiant. On a long term using, it increases the chances to have small pores and better skin in general. One last precaution is to avoid the eye area.

To conclude, I have to say that this product convinced me to use face toners more often. Each step we take brings us closer to fulfilling our ideal skin situation. So, don't be lazy and enjoy what you are doing.


  1. I’ve also started to use toner recently and I really like to idea of prep the skin.❤️

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