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The first thing that draw me to this perfume was its representative, Simona Halep. My mother and friends are huge fans of her so I wanted to show them this product. With the help of Buzzstore and Avon, I was able to get this perfume, along with other products, but I'll talk about my purchases later.

For those who do not know who Simona Halep is, she is a tennis woman who wrote history for the Romanian sport. She won multiple titles and to tell her story thought a perfume is inspiring. The idea is that every woman is strong and delicate and whatever she wants to be, without losing the beauty. 

Avon has the platform Watch me Now where many women throughout the world chose to tell their stories and empower others. It is nice to see that you are not alone, your problems are more common than you think. Avon has history with the humanitarian aspect of their brand and sales.

Furthermore, let's talk about the perfume itself. When I first tried it, I was with my mum, so you get two opinions about it. The first scent that hits you it's the floral one, of jasmine and iris and afterwards you are completely blown away by the sweeter scent of pralines. The change is so clear and fast, that both my mum and I were surprised. 

Personally I am not fond of sweet scents, but this one is subtle yet strong. It is also suitable to wear the entire day and it lasts pretty long for a perfume at this price. The bottle is an advantage, in my opinion, it fits in your hand adorably and it does not have intricate caps or features to disturb you. It is small, 50 ml, but clear, feminine and on point.

The saga of me finding good perfumes continue and until now I did not find one that I did not enjoy. It is a matter of taste, of course, but I hope you'll get a better vision of this perfume after reading my story with it.

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  1. Very interesting article, and I do hope you enjoyed the perfume. Your love for Simona is iconic ❤


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