Instant Repairing Hand Cream by Neutrogena Review

Lord knows how my poor hands suffer these days. The cold and the sanitizers are the main reasons why my hands are dry and no manicure can divert unwanted attention from them. This hand cream from Neutrogena that I've been using the past days improved my skin, so let's talk a bit about it.

Firstly, it contains shea butter and beewax which gives off a subtle smell of honey. Personally, I like it. As you can see, the package is also cute, appropriate for the month of love. In Romania we also have Dragobete at the end of the month, so the lovey dovey celebration isn't over. 

"A touch of love for extraordinary hands."

Even the quote on it encourages gratitude, that's why I think it is a nice gift to give to someone you cherish. Speaking of the package, it contains 75 ml of product which makes it very purse friendly.

Secondly, the hands are repaired rapidly, feeling them soft and slightly scented. They are smoother, no question about that, however, you have to apply it often. How often? Well, it depends on your habits and schedule. If you're out in the public, washing your hands frequently as you should and using harsh substances like sanitizers, it would be ideal to use it after every wash. If you are in the comfort of your house, of course you'll also wash your hands but not as often, which brings the 24 hr comfort closer to reality. 

All in all, I'm very pleased with my experience with this hand cream. What kind of hand creams are you using?

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