Elmiplant Skin Moisture Face Cream Review

Bought this cream a while ago and found the box today so I thought I write the review before I forget how amazing it is. The reason why I kept the box was because I was really impressed with the package and the whole presentation. The information is delivered on point, but this face cream is more than this. Let's see the main reasons why I'm fond of it.

Saw in the store there is a whole line by Elmiplant which only emphasizes that nature is your power when it comes to cosmetics and skincare. This face cream, in particular, has water lily from sustainable sources which help your skin to be smooth and radiant, prebiotics which maintain the balance when it comes to the protection of the face barrier, a thing that we've heard being used in creams nowadays, and hydra fusion 360, that keeps your skin hydrated. It also protects your skin from the UV, so it has all the criteria to be used on daily basics. 

The appliance is simple, everyday on your face and neck. What I personally liked about it is that is easily absorbed and you can save up time when it comes to your routine. The age range that it is best to be used is 20- 35 years old. 

The package is something to talk about. It is colorful without being kitsch and  has all the information you need as a regular skincare enthusiast, but most important, they get their point about the efforts they are making in protecting the environment, without being bothersome. For example, the glass recipient is made from 30% recycled materials, as well as the cardboard used to make the package. The whole package gives you an unique experience for such a low-priced face cream. 

The formula has a delicate smell of flowers and I have been content with using it. It blended well in my skincare routine. It leaves my skin soft and fairly hydrated, it is nothing more I would ask from it. More than that, it was a reminder that we should always appreciate the hard work people are putting in their products and that even a reasonable priced product can have remarkable benefits.

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