My top 100 k-pop songs of 2020

 Let 2020 rest in peace, glad it is gone. It could always be worse, but that was not the case of k-pop songs this year. Never had so many more songs that were suitable to be in the top. Let's start!

100 MCND - ice age ---not because it is winter, they slayed every season

99 TXT - can't you see me --I see you in my top

98 Ghost9 - think of dawn --ding a dong, think of dawn is here

97 Too - magnolia -- enjoyed every version of it

96 3YE - yes sir --yes mam

95 VeriVery -thunder --storms never seemed so fun

94 Golden Child - lucid dream --my favorite type of dreams

93 SF9  - my story, my song --possesive but beautiful

92 NCT - ridin' --riding, rolling and reloading, this song is a bop

91 Lee Dae Hwi - rose, scent, kiss --we're not the same after this year or his song

90 NCT - kick it --martial arts never looked so artsy

89 Nu'est - moon dance --we can dance anywhere, sweeties

88 Day6 - love me or leave me --option 1, please

87 N.Flying - flower fantasy --they are so underrated, why is the world so cruel

86 Stella Jang - villain --the world needs some harmony

85 HA:TFELT - solitude --one of my favorite girls out there, making loneliness glamourous

84 June, Moti, Jinwoo, Gaho - beautiful --great reminder

83 Everglow - dun dun --thinking of certain people

82 Woodz - noid --I am annoyed you don't listen to him

81 SF9 - am I the only one --I'll be honest, you are not my only nine

80 CIX - jungle --put me in a tree and I'll call for my Tarzan

79 Onewe - end of spring --such a new side of them, loved it

78 SF9 - like the hands held tight --seriously speaking, they have really good songs

77 Got7 - trust my love --in BamBam I trust

76 Cravity -  top of the chain --made a nice first impression, fighting!

75 (G)I-DLE - Oh My God --listened to the English version, these girls rock

74 ONF - Sukhumvit Swimming --still struggling with the pronunciation

73 SF9 - summer breeze --cause I really want to go to the Glorious hotel

72 HYO feat. Loopy, Soyeon - dessert --cheesecake

71 Moonbin, Sanha - dreamcatcher --the only alarm I don't hate

70 Wonho - losing you --you never did

69 Apink - Dumhdurum --queeeens

68 Ikon  - dive --everybody loves my ringtone now

67 Everglow  - la di da di --a rolemodel of this genre

66 Solar - spit it out --not on the street, but somehow okay on people

65 Onewe - A book in memory --these boys are out of this world, welcome to mine

64 TXT - we lost the summer --well, we'll get it back next year

63 Oneus - dizzy --cute song with outstanding vocals

62 Monsta X - love killa --killing never seemed so appealing

61 Kim Woo Seok - red moon --all that lace

60 Woodz - lift up --just listen to the whole album already

59 Oneus - come back home --no, you come back where you belong

58 Twice - more&more --they are evolving queens

57 Pentagon - you like --me likey

56 Ravi - rockstar --honey, you're a star and I'm the sky

55 Yeun, Jiwoo, Jamie, Cheetah, Hyo -witch --so beautiful and fierce, different styles and flawless performance

54 Stray Kids - ta --they are the only ones who can convince me to work out

53 Park Ji Hoon -gotcha --latino vibes coming your way

52 Day6 - zombie --days with them are a present that I want

51 VeriVery - G.B.T.B --Y.D.G.J (you did, great job)

50 Yezi - home --she's so talented, slay dear

49 Demian - casette --don't get me started on this revelation

48 Woodz - love me harder --they only way you deserve

47 Got7 - not by the moon --I'll swear by sun then

46 Astro - knock --who's there? Talent.

45 Oh my girl - nonstop --stop lying you don't like the song

44 Oneus - a song written easily --one of the first songs I listened after returning to kpop, a reason why I continue

43 BTS - on --can't turn it off

42 Pentagon - dr. bebe --hey, it's me, pacient baby

41 AB6IX -surreal --always though this song has the beat of my heart and anxiety

40 Oh my girl - dolphin --lyrics of wisdom

39 Twice - I can't stop me --can't stop fangirling for you, girls

38 B1A4 -like a movie --glad they still make masterpieces

37 Pentagon - basquiat --always wanted to be part of Mad Max

36 Ateez - good lil' boy --good lil' girl, we can make that

35 Oneus - to be or not to be --we shall be

34 Stray Kids - back door --can't come in if I'm already there

33 NCT - make a wish  --just one? cause I've got 23.

32 Lee Hi -holo --beautiful aesthetic, beautiful voice, beautiful everything

31 BlackPink -lovesick girls --we've all been there

30 Victon -mayday --my favorite cry for help

29 Demian -yes --you've got to check him out and his music

28 AB6IX - salute --I salute their talent

27 Stray Kids - God's menu  --food was never this sexy

26 Woodz - trigger --cowboys were never this sexy

25 Loona - why not? --stan Loona already

24 Jang Hyunseung - I just can't stop loving you --never did

23 Iz*one - secret story of the swan --let's make the story public, just like dispatch wants it

22 Got7 - breath --so proud of them and especially Youngjae

21 Twice - queen --they have such good songs, people should get over their preconceptions

20 ITZY - nobody like you --adorable cute rockstar mood

19 Ateez - answer --no more questions

18 A.C.E - favorite boys --goblins begin to be my favorite people

17 Demian - karma -- the aesthetic and the whole package is a whole bless to my soul

16 Taemin - idea --it gives me some ideas, but we're too far for that (singing and dancing classes can be online these days)

15 IU - eight --there are more than eight reasons why I like her

14 Monsta X - nobody else --the orchestra sounds in the background and the whole mood is in need to be rated for airing

13 Btob - show your love --always so happy to see them on stage, their skill and stage presence can put you in a good mood

12 Ateez -precious --the instrumental is solely beautiful

11 Taemin - criminal --he kills my heart, should be taken responsible

Top 10 are:

10 Stray Kids - easy --the instrumental is solely beautiful part 2 and they're a full package.

9 Woodz - bump bump --great song for when you begin to have a crush, so why not let it be him?

8 Pentagon - daisy --my new favorite flowers, they make me bloom

7 Woodz - accident --discovering him may be an accident, but stanning him is a choice you won't regret

6 Monsta X - thriller --Hyungwon's voice, that's it

5 Twice - cry for me --happy tears for my girls, they slay

4 Stray Kids - wow --the things this song contains are wow, voice, lyrics, mood and have you seen the performance?

3 Ateez - inception --I'm in love

2 Sik-k, Crush - darling --would not beat him, but he hit it with this song

1 Taemin - 2 kids --takes you back to that place in the past, when you could have chosen to be born in South Korea

 The winner is:  

Monsta X - Sorry I'm not sorry --even if it's for only a night, I wouldn't be sorry, however, this song is on repeat.

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  1. You absolutely killed it with this top. I laughed so hard at your descriptions.
    Have a good 2021!


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