Ariel Allin1 PODS +Oxi Efect Review


With the help of Buzzstore, I was able to test Ariel Allin1 PODS +Oxi Efect. It comes in different packages, related to the number of capsules it has, but let me tell you what was my experience with this detergent. 

First of all, capsules were always easier for me to use because it gives me control on the amount of detergent I'm using. Frankly, when I used the powder one, I would just put more "just to be sure". And it doesn't always guarantee better cleaning.

As a Virgo, I feel that the world should know the difference between sanitation and cleaning, so when I read about the intention of this detergent, I was extremely happy. Especially in the context of today, when the ones who still go to work(including me) have to travel with buses, trains or cars. You can never be to sure about your clothes being both clean and sanitized. 

Another advantage of this detergent is that you can use it at lower temperatures and you won't have problems with the capsule's dissolving. When it comes to cleaning and removing stains, it does an impressive job, but that isn't a surprise if you have used Ariel's products in the past.

The thing that impresses me nowadays, are the boxes in which these capsules are held. Their safety mechanism is rather challenging. Maybe because I don't have kids, I found it annoying because I struggle with it on occasions, but its importance is undebatable. Your kid doesn't stand a chance against these boxes, they are that hard to open.  

You can buy online this product here:

All in all, I was content with the experience and it will surely be part of my clothes cleaning rutine. Everything seems to be having a rutine these days, however, clean clothes are a necessity, for both our health and our social status. 

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  1. Yas you Virgo! Go Clean and sanitize!!!
    When it comes to cleaning, Ariel rarely fails, they're quality is hard to match. I see that they're constantly improving which is a good thing.
    A fresh post, like always! All the best!


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