Top K-pop song or covers to bring up the Christmas spirit

As I was listening to my favorite Christmas songs on Youtube, I recalled there are a few k-pop songs and covers that would would throw Christmas joy around and make you see snowflakes on your window.

These are the songs I listen the most this period:

VIXX - Shooting Star (Christmas Gift for ST★RLIGHT)

Many groups release Christmas versions of their song for their fans as a gift and that's adorable. My starlight heart can't resist.

Starship Planet - Christmas Day

We get to see golden group from years ago and MadClown doing aegyo. This couldn't go wrong, hohoho.

Pentagon - All I want for Christmas is you

You see the importance of good backing vocal and howling guys. They could carol me anytime.

B1A4 - It's Christmas

They made a Christmas song in their style. You can't listen to it and not say it's 100% B1A4. Miss you, guyz.

Twice - The best thing I ever did

Along with Merry & Happy, they sure bring the Christmas spirit, remembering us that this holiday should be cute, fun and used to cherish our friends.

Bom&Hi - All I want for Christmas is you

Christmas can be stylish and dark and anyway you want it to be. Great cover, their vocal are truly gold. 


Got7 - Miracle

It's nice to remember miracles exist and this is what this holiday is about. Also, I'm ready to accept any miracle from them, like appearing under my Christmas tree, just saying.

Sohyang - Night divine

Don't think I've listened to this once without having goosebumps. She is amazing and being able to enjoy listening to her is a gift.

U-kiss - Sweetie Cristmas Version

Because the original version wasn't adorable enough, we get this song in the Christmas mood. You can even confess to your crush with this. Under the mistletoe, of course.

YoungK - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

This style suits him so well, it makes me listen to him for hours. Who needs Santa when we have Brian?

Jungkook and Jimin - Christmas Day

Christmas day is more beautiful with them singing. Looking back at the entire road together, makes you smile, right?

Melomance - Festival

The vocals make me mellow, one of my favorite Christmas songs out there. They sure are talented.

 Cube Artists - Christmas Song

Bringing back memories, Cube artists were my favorite in that period and this songs brings flashbacks of those glorious times.

Lay - Goodbye Christmas

Was so surprised when I first heard this song because I was not only impressed with his vocals, English, the whole song in general.

EXO -  Miracles in December

They never do a song wrong and this one is one of their masterpieces. 

NCT U - Coming Home

Whenever I'm coming back from work, a store, a walk, this song is my mood. Their gorgeous vocals only make it better.

TTS (Girls' Generation) - Dear Santa

Cheerful, playful, high spirit and fashionable, they embrace the holiday gracefully. Can't say exactly how many times I've listened to this song these days.

There are many more songs dedicated to this special day and if I missed your favorite one, let me know in the comments.You can find all these song in my playlist. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hades With A Christmas HatDecember 25, 2020 at 6:36 AM

    Merry Christmas!!!
    Great article, you reminded me of such beautiful Christmas songs. Apart from making great music in general, these Korean artists do great covers as well. The songs you picked are truly beautiful and reminiscent of the beauty of Christmas spent at home with family and friends.
    Now, if you excuse me, I'll be in my room jamming to Miracles in December and BomHi <3


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