The One Ever Lasting Sync Foundation Review


In search for a new foundation, I purchased The One Ever Lasting Sync Foundation from Oriflame. They provide a nice and simple way to find the foundation that is right for you; you can buy samples and test them, but of course I didn't have the patience. So even if this is a little bit lighter for my summer skin, it will be suitable in the winter when miss Snow White will be my sister.

Speaking of the shade, it is Light Beige Neutral. With a single pomp I do my make-up for the entire day. The bottle has 30 ml of product and it has an enjoyable package, made of glass, easy to apply. A thing to appreciate is its design; it doesn't spread the product on the bottle, it encourage a very clean appliance. 

It has a medium coverage which is perfect for me because alongside all my other moisturizing and hydrating products I use, it creates my ideal look. The formula is easy to blend with a soft smell, delicate, but still present. As long as your skin is nicely hydrated you won't have problems in using this foundation. 

It states that it also has SPF 30 which is a good thing. However, I'm not sure if that exempts you from using your normal SPF cream. 

All in all, I am very content with using this foundation. Thinking about its quality and price, it was a very reasonable purchase.

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