Yves Saint Laurent Libre New Perfume Review


With the immense gratitude towards Buzzstore, I got to test the new fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent: Libre. There are two versions of it and I'll try my best to describe them to you. Honestly, I wasn't much of a fan of wearing perfume, but after smelling one that somehow brought me back to my happy childhood, my mind just clicked. Now that I've become a fan, I developed the ability to be picky and discover what my preferences are.

The main accords of this perfume are white floral (which means white flowers are my destiny; they are splendid), citrus, lavender, vanilla. Basically it is sweet without remembering you of cakes, fruity enough to remember you of fall and even a little woody. The Moroccan orange blossom and jasmine besides being white and pretty, give a citrus and earthy feeling, complementing well with the strong lavender.

It gives a warm feeling to the earthy flavors, creating a sweet, yet luxurious atmosphere. I'm sure that whoever sense it, it would be described differently. It emanates a delicate and mysterious delight. Speaking of which, it is a perfect agreement with the energy they are transmitting. Just imagine what kind of woman would wear this. A free one, free to be who she wants to be, to take risks and chances, to conquer the world and to show meanwhile how beautiful she is. Because strong, independent women are beautiful.

Is it wearable for men? Maybe yes. On a low key, tell me who is wearing this cause I would definitely date him. However, it can be seen as unisex because of the many "manly" notes it has. In combination with the "Diva Lavender", a special mix created by those from YSL, it becomes not necessarily more feminine, but more graceful.

The thing I can't praise enough is the longevity. Two poofs in the morning on your wrist and you'll be feeling it the entire day. All the work they have put into making it and I'm talking about years, pays off when it comes to the quality of  the perfume.

I could go on with the description of the imaginary world this perfume is taking me, but truth be told, each person has another smell that they are attracted to. The best way to find your signature fragrance that will sparkle your presence is to test as much perfumes as you can. So, whenever you stumble upon free samples, take the chance. Maybe you'll fall in love.

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  1. After reading such high praises, I want to try it as well. Perfumes are indeed magical, being able to transport you into happy places of your mind and it sure had an effect on you.
    Great review 😁 It made me really curious


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