Reasons to watch Emily in Paris

Bonjour! Someone recommended me this show and because we all should believe our besties, I started it and finished it in a week. Or less. The show isn't that long, there are 10 episodes that are really relatively short. You are transported in the world of Emily who arrives to work in Paris, without knowing the language, just flaunting her American perspective in the marketing firm she was transferred. 

This show inspired me a doze of love for the French culture, that the 8 years of studying the language in school didn't. Let's see what were the pieces of résistance of this show.

1. French Culture. Even though some concept weren't so strange or unknown to me, as an European, it was truly funny to see an American getting used to a different style of life. From the floor's numbers to greeting people, there are so many things that seem normal to us, but unusual to others. Each country has its particularity and France's is beautifully illustrated in this show. Food, sights, events and people connection are praised and enhanced to deliver a little bit of France's true spirit.

2. Fashion. Can we talk about France, especially Paris without mentioning fashion? Even the Paris Fashion Show had its spotlight in an episode, making us all fall for Pierre Cadault's cuteness when he presented his new collection. The world of designers is complicated and easily offended, but Emily succeeds in making her firm, Savoir the representative of the famous designer. 

We have two poles of fashions in this show, Emily and Sylvie. On one hand we have Emily, with her colorful American style that is visibly influenced by the French fashion throughout the show with the addition of berets, ruffles and just that "Gossip Girl gone to Paris vibe". On the other hand, we have Sylvie, the mean boss who displays a more sophisticated look, monochrome with minimalist accessories, that looks amazing regardless. 

3. The boys. From a hot neighbor to a snob professor, watching Emily having little affairs and little deaths is just hilarious. Dating culture is an important part of the culture and we have to be educated for our next trip in Paris. 

4. The power of adaptation. The whole show has a funny side, but the accommodation route is on a more realistic part. Emily is struggling to do her job, while being in the middle of a cultural fight. To be alone in a big city, very different from where you lived and grew up is hard, especially when you're trying to convince people to follow your point of view. Of course Emily was treated in a colder way at the beginning. However, the power she had to raise up every time she fell and demonstrate her potential and qualities is inspiring.

All in all, it was an enjoyable show that will bring your mood up and make you feel chic and hungry for a baguette. 


  1. Uhlalala, your roots are calling for you. :D
    Saw this in the recommandation list but didn't have the time to check it out. However, you made me curious and I would love to give it a try.
    It seems rather enjoyable.
    Great post, as always Mademoiselle!

  2. sounds interesting, I might watch it this weekend :)


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