Love Nature Creamy Masks Review - good products overshadowed by shady people

Even though I'm not a representative of their campaigns, although someone tried to made me, but that's a long story, I ordered some things from Oriflame. The first products that I've tested are these absolutely cute face masks. I've got one for sensitive skin, "soothing rose" and another one for all types of skin "nourishing cocoa".

I'll just give some details about the title, not too much because the spotlight should be on the products, not the people representing them. It just happened that I had the bad luck to meet some, let's say aggressive marketing girls, who in the rush to make money, they forgot that the products and the good name of the company should be put first. After all the messenger, Facebook and whatsapp groups they put me in, I got the clear picture that some of the people representing the company didn't even test the products, they just spam you with deals and aren't interested in giving the clients explanations or personal experiences. 

I remember I made an observation about these masks and they gave me feedback that sounded like "what do you expect for these money?". Well, first I expect to receive a polite answer or to shut up if you don't have any idea about the product. These masks costed me 7.99 lei each when I bought them, but in the recent catalog, they had a double price. So don't tell me you don't make profit. 

Let's move on and talk about the masks because I had the pleasant surprise to be delighted by them. Their texture resemble melted butter but are easy to apply nonetheless. They are very scented, but so are most of the products from the Love Nature line. Bought several products from this line, but will talk about them in future posts.

After applying them to your entire face, avoiding eye area, you leave it in. It takes 10 minutes to do its job and then you just wipe it off. Both had a calming effect, got easily absorbed and left a nice, warming feeling. The 10 ml recipients are fine, but the product seemed a lot for me to use once and unfortunately, once it is opened and if you don't use it right away, it dries. 

These two types of face masks are fun to use and leave an enjoyable feeling. There was much debate whether the scented products are good for your face, but remember that nothing used in excess is that bad. Use products you are comfortable with and be aware of the frequency.

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