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My hair routine changes in terms of products, not in terms of steps I take to nourish it. There are a lot of hacks and tips to correctly wash your hair on the Internet and I tried to apply some, like not rubbing too harshly my hair with the towel, the water temperature (lukewarm), not applying shampoo on all the length and so on.

First step is, of course, the shampoo. Currently, I'm using the one from Nature Box, with olive oil to repair and protect it the best that I can. Summer is a nightmare for my hair. Next, I continue with a hair mask, also from Nature Box and based on the same ingredients. The review for the two products can be found here. When I wasn't this busy, I used to make myself a hair mask with olive oil, it's one of the ingredients which works the best with my hair. 

After finishing and rinsing after each step, I apply the Gliss Hair Repair Conditioner. It is very easy to apply and can be applied on dried hair, which I do after a day or two of washing it. This leave in conditioner contains keratin serums and even though I have tried some conditioners from them, this one remained my top choice. It doesn't affect the volume and smells good.

The ends were always a problem for hair and we can say that everybody tries hard to postpone cutting them. The argan oil I buy from Lidl hasn't been missing from my routine since I first discovered it. It takes a while to be absorbed when is applied on dry hair but it leaves it shinny and hydrated. I put a good amount on the ends especially. 

A relatively new step I had been taking implied applying the Cien Sun Care Hairspray. As I said before, the sun damages my hair and this hairspray which contains babassu oil has UV filters to protect it from sun exposing, chlorine and sea water. The last ones are highly unlikely to have contact with my hair this year, so it would only concentrate on sun.

It may not be perfect but it is what works for my hair in this period. Tell me what works best with your hair. 

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