Farmec Moisturizing Cream for Normal Skin Review


Bought this cream during lockdown and I remember that I asked the seller for a face mask and she came with a sanitary one so I bought this cream because she had nothing else. And it was supposed to be a cosmetics store. Anyway, I was super glad I found this cream, not only it is made in Romania, but its texture and formula are a delight.

First thing first, what makes this cream so easy to put in my skincare routine is the gel like texture and rate of absorption. It feels so light on the skin, that's why I prefer it since I tried to follow a skincare routine with more steps. Even tough it is so light, it hydrates pretty well and has a pleasant smell.

The package is also cute, the pink makes a bit girly and that's one of the reasons I chose it. The recipient has 50 ml of product. It makes a reference to one of its ingredients, orchid extract. With the help of aquaxyl, glycerine, panthenol, it stimulates the cells to retain water a long time. The principle is that having a hydrated skin, daily moisturized, prevents the occurrence of wrinkles. 

It can be applied in the morning or evening, on the face, neck and cleavage, but make sure the skin is cleansed first. The light texture and level of hydration makes me glad I bought it. It is a proof that good things can sometimes be right next to you.

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