Perwoll Renew&Blossom Detergent Review

Luckily, I could participate in another campaign by Buzzstore and this time I had fun with the Perwoll Renew and Blossom detergent. Before I begin telling you about my experience with this product, let me tell about one of the unpleasant things this virus did to me. Every spring and autumn I would clean my wardrobe and give away a series of clothes, which didn't fit me or my taste anymore. So I did this spring, then the pandemic came and I couldn't buy new clothes and visit the shops I adored in the past. The only thing I could do was take care of the ones left, keeping them clean and just as colorful as they were.

That's one of the reasons why I was content with testing the new Perwoll detergent. Many of my clothes are colorful in the summer and keeping the color lively is a challenge sometimes. Every time I see the package, I remember I have a shirt exactly this color and I was afraid that it wouldn't look so fresh and bright after washing it frequently and tried wearing it less. 

The detergent does it jobs when it comes to cleaning, no arguing about that. What it has on top of that, is an elegant, delicate smell. I had the 900 ml version and it is supposed to last 15 washings, but unfortunely I didn't count how many times I washed to verify that. There are larger versions in the stores, saw it in Lidl, but you can also find it in Cora, Altex and Carrefour. You can see the instructions for using it in the picture below.

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience, which made me think about how great their concept of rethinking fashion is. Investing in clothes is nice, but taking care of the clothes so we can have them in an impeccable state longer makes us more responsible. Next time you're shopping, think if you would buy the piece if it would resist longer.   


  1. This is such a good product with a very intense perfume to it. Detergents don't always smell this good and the effect lasts a lot on the clothes too. Definitely a must have.
    I would buy it too but I don't usually wear shirts XD


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