Cien Nail Treatment Review - making my nails healthy again

These days Lidl has been the only place I go more often and I was glad I had the time to take care of my nails more. There were various types of treatments available and I chose these two, the Calcium Nail Builder and the Honey Nail Serum.

They are very different and let me tell you why. First of all, the Calcium Nail Builder is a nail treatment that sticks to the nail almost like an ordinary polish. However, it doesn't resist as much as a colorful nail polish. I like to put two layers, but even the slightest scratch can leave a mark on the nails. The main advantage is the  wonderful shine it has. So despite of having your nails going though a treatment, they look shiny and healthy. It is supposed to make your nails stronger and protect them, which was useful for me as I was using so many products to wash and disinfect my hands.

The Honey Nail Serum has other particularity, it doesn't stay glued on the nails, but can be used as a form to massage the nails and cuticles. You have to wash and dry you hands before applying it and avoid doing something to damage the effect until the serum is absorbed. 

The recipients are nicely created, each of 11 ml. Their brushes are useful to cover a lot of the nail's surface and apply the treatments fast. The price for them was also great, they were really cheap for me to expect such effects.

The truth is, they have been helping my nails a lot. My nails were fragile for so long and they were literally growing very slow. After I used these products, they grew, but most important, they were stronger. It was difficult to make a routine with them, because I was using them simultaneously as I was eager to repair my nails. Now I apply the Calcium Builder and after it goes off, usually before sleep, I use the Honey Serum. All in all, great acquisition. 

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