Best Performances of Good Girl

Seems like I've become fond of shows like this, but truth is I've always liked hip-hop/rap and combined with beautiful, strong and independent women, there was something I couldn't resist. The girls wanted to rob the Mnet station and they were given different opponents, throughout three main rounds. Either formed in teams or alone, they had to fight for a chance to spend the station's money. 

❤ Ailee
❤ Cheetah
❤ Hyoyeon
❤ Jamie
❤ Jiwoo
❤ Sleeq
❤ Yeeun
❤ Yunhway

My top 5 performances are:

Yeeun - Mermaid
Have to admit I had my eyes on her even in CLC and it was a nice surprise to see more of her. This girl is talented and the definition of cute and bipolar when it comes to performances.

Sleeq, Queen Wasabii - Sorry for winning
This is one of the funniest and easy-going performances, it just puts you in a good mood. They seemed so different, but the way they found similarities between them is adorable. 

Sleeq, Ailee - Don't cry for me
A surprising appearance of a ballad and the combination between queen Ailee and gifted Sleeq gave us some soothing time with meaningful lyrics and emotional staging.

Ailee, Hyoyeon, Jiwoo - Good girl
A worthy performance of an awarding show, you got insane vocals, charisma and powerful dance.

Hyoyeon, Yeeun, Jamie, Cheetah and Jiwoo - Witch
This is the performance that sums up the whole essence of the show and enhance the talent and unique abilities of each member in the team.

Some of the performances of the guest I really liked are:

Money Serenade by Mommy Son, Wonstein, Kim Seung-min
If you get over Mommy Son's great plan and weirdness, we witness a powerful and meaningful performance.

Demons by Jhnovr, Lil Tachi
Interesting track that makes us catch a glimpse at a seducing world to say so.

Gray Zone by Ravi, Chillin Homie
I can't be objective when it comes to Ravi, sorry, he's just a masterpiece.

I was an interesting show and the best part was the absence of eliminations. There was a healthy competition and all the members had time to shine. They all had pleasant appearances and it was really nice meeting them.


  1. This is one of the best shows of 2020. These girls are absolute powerhouses! I have to admit, I had my doubts about some of them but ultimately they convinced me of their talent. From the shy and quirky Sleew to the 'bring the house down' vocals of Ailee, these girls were here to steal your money Mnet.
    I agree with all the perfomances, absolutely must watch.
    I can't believe I slept on some of them for so long ( Jiwoo especially) ❤️❤️❤️

    I hope they make a boy version of this soon. Who knows what talents we'll uncover.

    Ps. Ravi's performance was GODLY.


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