The Clone - best series from 2002

Over the years, it has been broadcast-ed many times, but I never watched it head to toe, to say so. This year I was determined to watch it more careful and was delighted to remember some scenes. And the characters are so memorable, you can't forget them easily. Today was aired the last episode and I organized a comfy night with my mum to enjoy the show.

It is the most unconventional love triangle I've witness in any series I watched. Even though that happens much later in the show, there are so many stories to be engaged to. Basically we have the love story between brazilian Lucas Ferraz and arabic Jade. The love triangle is formed when the clone of Lucas comes into scene. But we can't really call it a triangle because both Jade and Lucas were married. 

The story reveals two teenagers love story, young Lucas, a dreamer, very different from his twin brother Diogo, falls in love with a girl from a totally different world, beautiful Jade. Life separates them, making Lucas step on his father's tracks and becoming a successful lawyer, along with a perfect wedding with witty Maysa, who was previously in love with the twin brother that died. On the other hand, Jade was married to powerful business man, Said, who loves her, but knowing her past relationship, in a world where you first meet your husband on your wedding, makes him take some harsh decisions. 

Years and years passed, but somehow destiny brought Jade and Lucas, not back together, but it made them meet again. Lucas promised and tried to leave his family for so many times and failed that it made so frustrated. It was always something, the birth of his daughter, Mel, her sickness and later on, her drug addiction. 

Jade tried divorcing Said many times, but in that community, it is not that easy. After she had her daughter, the cute, gold lover and curse spitting Khadija, she knew that leaving her husband meant choosing between her freedom and never seeing her daughter again.

Seeing them grow and always been bound by something was frustrating, but it also showed how mature they got over the years. Both of them had responsibilities towards their kids and families. But that tough road made them think deeper about love and the worth of sacrifices.

Things get awkward when Leo, the clone of Lucas appears. Forever living in the shadow of his perfect, late brother Diogo, Lucas is now facing himself, 20 years younger. Things aren't easy for Leo as well, his godparent, a well-scientist did cloned him, without his mother even knowing. He grew up uncertain about his origins, and know people identifying him as a copy. For Jade, the possibility of  finally doing things right with young Lucas ignites a storm of feelings, as he is the image she has loved for years.

However, this is so much more than a love story as it confronts problems many of us have, from broken marriages, to troubled kids, careers induced by parents and drugs. Mel and her friends became addicted to drugs, but the story is so meaningful because it shows youngsters from upper and lower class have the same problem and how the families are affected. Once you become an addict the pattern is the same. Throughout the show, there are presented real addicts or family members that have been affected by this and they share their stories.

The trial that has three parts, Leonidas (the father of Lucas who claims Leo is also his son), Deusa (the mother who carried and raised Leo) and Lucas (whose genetic material was used to create the clone) exposes many perspectives caused by making a clone. How will the clone adjust to the society he/she is living without knowing the roots? What are the consequences of making clones for humanity? Who can be declared as a legit parent, the parents of Lucas, Lucas himself for owning the genetic material or those who raised the clone? It makes you think that the world becomes a sad place both for the clone and for the one who was cloned. As a priest from the show said, if you play God and create a clone, it is not enough because you can't create a world for the clone to live in.

On a happier note, due to the love story of Lucas and Jade we get a glimpse of the arabic culture, the things you can learn form Coran and the Muslim beliefs. Uncle Ali, the only family Jade has, is a very wise man, open-minded to the Western culture, but not letting it interfere with his religion. It is a great example of accepting ones beliefs and respecting other's religions. Besides that, the way of dressing, their houses and customs are explained so well, you'll fall in love with the culture.

The thing I noticed watching The Clone now is that fashion has a way of coming back. We have two completely different styles displayed. One is shown by Jade, with her flowing, pastel fabrics. The things that make her outfits pop are her extravagant jewelry. Also, her make-up enhance her natural beauty and her eyeliner is a piece of art. Maysa, on the other hand, has a more classic and modern appearance, with lots of beige colors and delicate jewelry. It was a visual delight to watch both of them. 

All in all, it was a beautiful series with an interesting plot, really nice characters and lots of pretty things to look at. 

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  1. Ai, meu Deus!
    I have to say, I didn't expect you to review this show. I haven't watched it but from your review it seems to be rather interesting and somehow a different approach on all the soap operas that we know and -guiltily- love.
    Loved the review. Keep up the good writing.


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