Nature Box Shampoo and Anti-breakage Mask Review

The final product I'm going to talk from the buzzbox I purchased is the one I have been most eager to have. There are two actually, the Nature Box shampoo and anti-breakage mask, having the same base ingredient: olive oil. I'll talk about my hair routine in another post, but what I often did throughout the years, was use olive oil masks. Because I know the benefits of this ingredient, I was curious to find out how these products worked. 

The Nature Box Olive Oil Shampoo
It contains 100% cold pressed olive oil, known for the vitamins and anti-oxidants it has. It did clean my hair beautifully, without making it heavier, which is something so desirable, especially when you use other products in your routine. It has a vegan formula and 25% recycled bottle body, which can makes us more smart in protecting the environment. 

The Nature Box Olive Oil Mask
This suits me so much, as it is meant for long, damaged hair. My hair isn't a disaster like that, but the ones who take care of their hair know there is a long way to make it healthy and so little things to damage it. The nourishing cream will provide protection from breakage and it is a good mask, but it isn't enough for me. Just felt that it didn't give my hair the right amount of hydration. I applied on my roots and leave it in for 3-5 minutes then rinse it well. 

Time has passed and I have been using these products in my hair routine for a while now. All in all, I like how light and soft the hair is after each washing. It resembles the feeling of freshly dyed hair or when you try a new shampoo and it shows off at first date. To finish it, I personally use some hair oil for my ends and some spray for this harsh sun. I like the way my hair feels and how I'm feeling when I'm using this product which is trying so hard to be healthy not only for the hair, but also for the planet.

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