Lenor Allin1 pods and Lenor Gold Orchid Parfumelle Review

Part of the buzzbox I bought from Buzzstore, these two products have made me experience with washing clothes more enjoyable. Why? Because I am very fond of nice smells and this one is so pleasant. Also, Lenor is coming forward with this new detergent and I was kind of curious if it lives up to the expectations.

The Lenor Allin1 pods color detergent I purchased has 15 capsules, but I'm sure you can find a bigger box . Cleanliness, freshness and softness are the words to describe the results. And there isn't much to talk about, who doesn't love the smell and feeling of freshly washed clothes, or the ultimate feeling of going to bed in a newly made bedding?

Some of the reasons capsules are so popular nowadays are the effectiveness and space storing. It's easier to store them in their little boxes then the regular detergent which can escape from bags very easy. Also, the box is difficult for me to open, so children do not have a chance to play with the little, colorful capsules. In terms of effectiveness, it takes one to wash many. One capsule can be used for washing 4 up to 5 kg of clothes. 

On the other hand, the Lenor Gold Orchid Parfumelle is a perfect way to give your clothes that soothing, fresh smell. It is intense so you can carry it for days. My little bottle has 550 ml, but I'm sure you can find in stores a more decent amount. On it there are all the instructions for using it correctly. For example, for 4-5 kg of clothes, you have to use 30 ml of product, for 6-8 kg, you have to use 45 ml and so on. 

Allin1, to make a pun, my experience with the Lenor's new fragrance was a delight. There are things that we use so often and yet, it is totally worthy to pay an extra amount of money to ensure good quality washing. Clothes represent us, but more, they part of our every day life in a extent that having them smell beautiful and be clean makes us more comfortable and confident.

Have you ever tried products from Lenor? Leave a comment if you are interest in these new expansion of Lenor. And congratulation to them for launching the detergent.

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