Healthy treats from Gerble and Sarialis

They are part of the products I bought from Buzzstore, part of the Summer Edition of Buzzboxes, which are so fun to try, Especially because the period of home working has made me a lazier person than before, after starting work in my regular environment, I tried to eat more healthy. And at office, there is always the temptation for something sweet. And if there is a time when I crave something sweet, it's at the office.

The products I literally ate are:
  • Gerble quinoa Cacao Chocolat biscuits
  • Gerble chocolate madlene 
  • Sarialis Multivitamin Cereals bars with white chocolate

The Gerble Quinoa, Cacao Chocolat Biscuits are like your typical chocolate cookies, but more healthier. Didn't see any difference when it comes to taste so if you're a fan of chocolate, this is should certainly be your choice. They are a rich source of magnesium, fiber and vitamin E. They brag about having 52% less sugar then the most biscuits on the market; all I can say is that they didn't taste less sweet than any other biscuit I tasted. 

The Gerble chocolate madlene weren't my favorite choice, it's not my kind of sweet as it can get sticky and full of crumbles. However, I know the work it takes for it to raise and be fluffy while totally baked. It's an art to make this kind of things. They are individually packed which makes it so helpful to take to work, to school, a trip or wherever you go. 

Sarialis Multivitamin bars with white chocolate were my favorites and that was a surprise to me because I'm not fond of chocolate, let alone white chocolate. They say it contains up to 11 vitamins: vitamin A, D, E, B1, B2, Niacin, B6, B9, B12, Biotin and B5. Truth is, this is so tasty, crunchy and sweet. 

Taking care of our health is always important and it doesn't matter how little the step you take is, just do it. That's the principle with these sweets as well. Be more conscious when you are eating, about the amount and the quality. These are really nice snacks that I'll be delighted to taste even more in the future. 

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  1. I tried these as well and I can say I agree with you, the products are overall very good and a healthier substitute to all the sugary temptations that are around us.
    Health and well-being should be our main priority and I am glad you're promoting such a healthy lifestyle.
    Good Job!

    1. Glad you're keeping yourself healthy down there.


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