Pielor Liquid Hand Wash Review – passion comes in sets

Lately there was a new pattern in my behavior; I often bought things in sets. The thing I’m going to talk about today required three visits to the store, but I’m happy for it. We have to be well equipped in times like this, so why not make it a little fancier.

The reason why I have bought all the types available from Calla was because they have such an intense smell and don’t make the hands dry. These are the most important advantages for purchasing them. They say they have the ideal ph value so they are suitable for all skin types.

The basic ingredients are glycerin and vitamin E which gives a delicate cleaning. The only thing that differs among the three is just the smell. My favorites are vanilla and lavender. While the gardenia has a nice smell which I can’t really identify because my garden doesn’t smell like that, it is not as intense as the others.

In terms of packaging, the bottles are pretty, with nice gold accents. The pump is easy to use and can be switched to close it so you can carry it around without the fear of spilling it.  They are each 350 ml, but a pump or two are enough for a serious washing. Even my ultimate favorite, the lavender is still at the half of it after using it almost every day. That’s one of the benefits of having sets, you can switch between daily.

For me, the lingering smell they leave behind after washing my hands is the most beautiful characteristic of these liquid soaps. However, not everyone likes really scented soaps and if you’re one of those persons, you should be careful.

Plus, they weren’t that expensive, although the price was different every time I purchased them. It went up because of the ongoing situation, but overall, it is a nice purchase.

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