Hand and nail cream with argan oil by Farmec – Romanian power!

In search for a good hand cream because all these sanitizer products have extremely dried my skin, I have found this one from Farmec. It’s impossible to live in Romania and not try something from them. And if the products don’t convince you, think about all the years they have been on the market. No company makes it for so long if they don’t have good products.

The tube is easy to use and carry. The formula is dense enough to last a good period of time. It has 100 ml so it’s a pretty fair amount. The perfume is vague and delicate, really enjoyable.

The cream I had previously was also good, but couldn’t keep up with the damage the soap and other substances for disinfecting were doing to my hands. Also, for a long time I had really short nails, they just didn’t seem to grow as before. Then I thought that all those products couldn’t do them good as well. This cream helped both, although for my nails I had also used some serums that I’ll talk some other time.

Maybe because the formula has glycerin and argan oil, but it reduce dryness and repairs my hands. I like to use it after washing my hands. Even if you put a little amount, it goes a long way. They say to use it on wet hands, but I like to dry them a bit before.

It is a hard time for everyone, but that's one of the reasons to stay together. Romanian products are great alternatives and are easier to find in stores nowadays. So next time when you're in a store, opt for a local product. Also, many brands provide the possibility to shop online, so have fun! On the other hand, if you're not a local, I'm promising you won't be let down and it's always interesting to try new stuf.



  1. Farmec is definitely one of the best Romanian brands out there.

    congratulations on the re-branding! the blog looks awesome! Best of luck!

  2. I'm pleased reading your article. I also think Farmec products are very good, I used them often when I lived in Romania. About argan oil I can said that it is very efficient for skin, also hair. I use cream, shower gel and hair treatment, all with argan oil.

    1. Thank you for reading it. Argan oil is very useful both in skincare and in hair care. My hair oil has it and I'm very content with it.


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