Borotalco Deo Spray - a little help to stay fresh

It is my first time to buy the buzzboxes from Buzzstore, but I had fun and enjoyed the products. Basically you buy really cheap, great products. This summer edition gave me the opportunity to try various products. One of them was the Borotalco Deo Spray.

I think I didn't have a nice deodorant like this since this one and though they are totally different, they made a lovely impression. Speaking of the Borotalco deodorant, this 150 ml tube has been part of my routine for the past days. The unique scent is mentioned as a trademark and I have to admit it is enjoyable. Not very sweet or strong, it give a subtle, fresh vibe.

A cute aspect of it, is the ozone friendly characteristic. Sure, our planet's problems aren't cute, but to see that we can make an impact with the use of products we use daily is remarkable. An ozone-friendly product is one that doesn't produce gases that can do damages to the ozone layers.

With the help of microtalc that absorbs sweat, it maintains a nice feeling to skin thoughout the day. Days are getting hotter and hotter and the fact that it leaves the skin dry and it has 0% alcohol is a blessing. Sweat is a beneficial process of human body, but being clean and have a neat image is also vital to our lives.

The company has tradition, it is working since 1904 and though I'm opened to new trends and developments, we have to respect what is good. My experience with this deodorant is valuable because finding a product that is favorable to the skin is important. 

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  1. The product seems interesting, it's vital to be clean and fresh-smelling in our day to day lives. There are a lot of products out there that promise to get rid of the nasty sweat smell but a lot of them just offer a short, temporary solution.
    I look forward to you ordering more boxes from Buzzstore, you'll definitely have enough material to write about.


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